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Briquetting Machine Plant Manufacturer

Jumbo 90 briquetting plant is a high out-put manufacturing machine appropriate for large scale production range. These machines deliver approximately 1200 to 1500kg briquettes for each hour.

The power utilization of this machine is around 30-40 unit/Hr. This machine produces round and hollow briquettes of 90mm width diameter.This is made with enormous quality nature of parts and gives most extreme creation of briquettes with less exertion.

Compared with other machine jumbo- 90 are just ready to pummel any sort of waste in working structure with minimal effort of energy. It is considered as a part of the most excellent and lead model of briquetting plant machine, Briquette machine from different products portfolio equipped with slicing innovation and produced to convey immaculate with greatest yield.

Given collection of jumbo-90 briquetting plant machine is particularly designed for preparing and changing ideal quality briquettes from household domestic waste, agriculture waste, forest waste, and other type of waste into useful and valuable energy source.

What are Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machines? : Briquette Machine

Jumbo 90 Manufacturer

Jumbo 90 refers to our greatest out-put yielding collection of briquetting machines. These machines offer tremendous yield of around 1200 to 1500 Kg of briquettes for every hour. Consequently is extremely helpful for the individuals who are into the large scale production of briquettes.

Jumbo 90 machines have be composed and manufactured subsequent to concentrate the necessities and the issues of briquetting machine clients. Subsequently they are the enhanced rendition of more established machine models and have a few positive offices and components.


 It offers amazing fuel that are of modern industrial applications norms.
It produces incredible fuel that is eco-accommodating, smokeless and bio-degradable.
⇉ The operations of this machine are spotless, clean and don't transmit contamination or dangerous components.
⇉ It is green venture as it doesn't release any gushing or waste matter.
⇉ Exceptionally Profitable machine as it gives high return in vitality proficient way.
⇉ This machine is adept for completing large scale manufacturing of briquettes.

Supreme 75 Models: Briquetting Machine

Supreme 75 Model Manufacturer

Supreme 75 Model is extremely popular machine for Biomass Machine. It has the briquette manufacturer limit of 800-1000 kg/hr. This machine uses Hammer Mill (Powder Making Unit) to break the raw material into powder shape for preparing during biomass briquettes production. 

This Biomass Briquetting Machine model is also accessible as a completely automated model that begins and stops naturally as indicated by the volume of raw material.


Production Capacity: 800-1000 kg/hr
Finished product size: 75 MM diameter
Finished briquette length: 100mm to 200mm
Finished product shape: Cylindrical
Raw Material: Powdery
Process cose/MT(approx) : IRS 650 to 700/-

Briquetting Machine Manufacturer: Powder Making Unit

Powder Making Unit Machine Manufacturer

Powder Making Unit is a Machine uniquely planned to pulverize the raw material into fine powder to nourish into the biomass briquetting press, which can be bolstered with just powdered raw material. This machine is exceptionally basic for our SUPER-60 and SUPREME-70 briquetting plant.

The Productivity of Powder Making Machine is around 1500-1800 kgs/hr as per the raw material encouraged. This machine is vitality effective and is extremely lucrative. The parts utilized to create this machine are of high caliber and henceforth the whole unit is extremely tough.

Production capacity: 1500-1800 Kgs/Hrs depends on raw material
Raw-Material Size: Powdery

Briquetting Machine: Biomass Turbo Dryer

Biomass Turbo Dryer Manufacturer

Biomass Turbo Dryer is definitely designed machine to decrease the moisture substance of the material. It is particularly intended to give most extreme heat transfer to get sought moisture content for the material. Machine gives fast drying in a solitary operation. Our dryers adjust the GMP principles.

Certain raw material containing content past 45% should be dealt with for moisture vanishing to convey the moisture substance to worthy furthest reaches of 15%. For suspension drying of fibrous materials like bagasse, jute, coir substance and so forth biomass turbo dryer is required.

Features of Biomass Turbo Dryer:

  • No wastage of material
  • Rapid drying
  • For 50% moisture level of material, 500-550 degree Celsius temperature is required.
  • With 50% input and 14% output of sugarcane bagasse, CTD dryer give a yield of approx. Kgs/Hr.

Briquetting Machine: Super 65 Model

Super 65 Model

Super-65 Model is first briquetting plant Machine which massively requested in the market. This machine uses just powdered raw material to deliver the briquettes. Subsequently a powdering unit is must for this machine. This Machine can use any type of agriculture waste.

Once the raw material as powder is extricated, it is then sent for the last procedure to deliver Briquettes in various shapes and sizes. A briquette is a square of flammable matter utilized as fuel to begin and keep up a fire. Normal sorts of briquettes are charcoal briquettes and biomass briquettes.

Salient Features of Super 65 Model:

High Performance
√ Durability
√ Less Maintenance
√ Low Power Consumption

Briquetting Machine: Jumbo BRQ 9075 model

Biomass Briquetting System Manufacturer

Jumbo BRQ 9075 model is particularly configuration to give greatest yield in less time. This Biomass Briquetting Machine is utilized to create completed briquettes from agro waste. Agro waste like saw tidy, groundnut shell, rice husk are utilized to make high thickness briquettes.

Jumbo BRQ 9075 model has higher limit of quality to deliver higher volume of yield when contrasted with supreme 65 and supreme 75.

Feature of jumbo BRQ 9075 Model :

  • Most extreme Production Capacity.
  • Raw material worthiness up to 25mm size.
  • Conveyed completed items high-thickness with 25mm size.
  • Bring down support cost.
  • Unique Sensor system introduced to demonstrate temperature of the machine.
  • No loss of generation and air contamination because of direct sustaining framework.

Briquetting Machine: Biomass Crusher Machine

Biomass Crusher Machine

Biomass Crusher Machine is utilized to granulate biomass waste including wood chips, groundnut shell, wood squander and so forth. The most extreme length of the waste differs from 3" to 10"and dia 10 to 60 mm having dampness not over half.

The Crusher machine is incorporated with Screw Conveyors to bolster cut or crude materials in sledge process. Biomass Crusher has enduring sturdiness and power pack execution.

Biomass Crusher has a simple encouraging container which makes smooth passage of Raw Material in Crushing Machines. Electric motor is 15 to 30 HP which can even do destroying of leaves and little branches alongside Agro waste. Crushing Machine goes for dependable beneficial business as it makes a size which is ideal for the entering crude material in Biomass Briquetting Press Machine.

Biomass Crusher Machine made of solid 5mm and 2 mm steel plates with overwhelming obligation welded development and solid engine mounts.

Biomass Briquetting Machine

Biomass Briquetting Machine

A briquetting Machine turns waste material into uniform-sized briquettes that are easy to store and, in many cases, can be sold to generate revenue. 

You can make your waste problems, literally, a much smaller part of your business, and can improve your bottom line by reducing storage and handling costs and increasing income at the same time.

For Manufacturing Biomass Briquettes there are six machines like as Biomass Crusher, Jumbo Brq 9075 Model, Super 65 Model, Turbo Dryer ctd 60, Powder Making Unit, Supreme 75 Model. Briquetting plants can without much of stretch procedure distinctive sorts of biomass and natural waste like ranger service squander, sustenance squander, trim buildups and sawdust.

Application of Briquettes

Biomass Briquetting System

Biomass Briquette are broadly utilized for a warm application like steam era in boilers, in heater and foundries for warming reason, drying process and in gasification plant supplanting routine strong energizes like Coal and Firewood.

Boilers (Sugar factories, paper factories, Cement, sustenance handling units, oil extraction units and so on.) using fuel for steam generation and heating.
Forges and Foundries For metal heating and melting.
Brick kilns For firing of furnaces.
Residential Heating For winter heating in cold areas and in restaurants, canteens etc.
Gasification The gas can be used to make control, and over the long haul supplant coal based producer gas systems.
Agriculture Heating Green houses, Nurseries and Chicken coops.